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The Art department prides itself on inspiring and supporting our students to be independent, skilful, imaginative, curious and thoughtful artists and designers.

Through experiencing a vast range of skills, techniques, artists and designers our students gain the confidence to, take inspiration, question and explore the huge array of visual imagery that surrounds them, increasing their understanding of their visual world and the role they can take in it.

We believe our curriculum creates opportunities for students to experience processes and techniques across art and design and to specialise and develop their skills, preparing them to pursue further education and careers across the art, design and creative industries.


At Key Stage 3 students explore and create work covering a wide range of media and techniques including: painting, drawing and printing. Each year group discovers ways of communicating meaning through their artwork.

In year 7 they explore and develop the skills, techniques and artistry styles on a range of new and exciting artists..

In year 8 they focus on the ‘Pop Art’ movement, grid work and portraits, as well as self-portrait’s. The pupils look at the environment around them and create ‘In the woods’ project.

In year 9 they look at and analyse Surrealism, they create artist studies of Surreal Artists.

Throughout Key Stage 3 they are increasingly encouraged to develop their work independently, preparing them for BTEC.

Each year students build on their fundamental artistic and technical skills, including a practical application of scale, ratio and proportion supporting numeracy across the curriculum. Throughout KS3, students will build their cultural capital by evaluating the work of others and their own work, developing natural links with literacy through their analysis


Our current year 10 and 11 students are completing the Pearson BTEC First Award in Art and Design.

The two year courses begin with a series of skills based projects to establish confidence across all areas of the course including: research, analysis and planning, making, designing, evaluating and refining.

Students then develop independent and specialist skills through a unit of coursework which concludes in a practical exam. Through investigating other artists and designers, making observations, creating media trials and making refinements to their techniques and ideas, students explore their theme and develop and create an independent personal and meaningful response. Through their work they explore their life, interests and what makes them unique individuals.

In their second year, they receive their exam paper where they independently develop and refine their idea in preparation for the 10 hour controlled assessment.

Curriculum Maps


Mrs. V Haliburton - Department Leader

Miss J West



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