Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is taught at KS4 at Hassenbrook to pupils who are interested in pursuing a career in the health care sector.

About 3 million people in the UK work in health and social care, equivalent to 1 in every 10 people.  Demand for both health and social care is likely to continue to rise due to the ageing population therefore the demand for people to fill these vital jobs will continue to increase.  The sector is important locally with Basildon University Hospital being one of the largest local employers. Our rationale is to provide a knowledge rich KS4 option choice, which prepares learners to progress to KS5 and beyond, and develops key transferable skills, relevant to both future study and careers in the sector.





The BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care is split into three components that the students will study over the two years of the course. 

This year the 2 KS4 year groups are going to be assessed differently. Both assessments are made of 3 components.

In Year 11, the first 2 components are made up of 4 pieces of coursework and the final component is an external synoptic exam taken in year 11.

In Year 10, the first 2 components are assessed by 2 Pearson Set Assignments that are taken under exam conditions, each of which are divided over 6 hours. One will be taken in year 10 and the other in Year 11.  The final component is an external synoptic exam, also taken in year 11.

The first component allows learners the opportunity to study how people grow and develop over the course of their lives; from infancy to older adulthood, and the factors that may affect this, such as major life events like marriage, parenthood or the loss of a loved one. 

The second component allows learners to be able to research health and social care services in their local community and look at how people access these services and any other support that is given in the local community.  Learners will then demonstrate and apply the key care values to scenarios.

Finally, learners will develop skills in measuring and interpreting data about someone’s physiological health which will enable them to design a care plan that will allow them to analyse and improve a person’s health and wellbeing


Curriculum Map


Mrs C. Boosy - Teacher of HSC/Head of Yr 7

Learning Journey


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