The Music Department benefits from a wide range of expertise from 2 full time members of staff and a team of visiting peripatetic music tutors who encourage music to be learnt by all students regardless of ability.


At the core of the KS3 curriculum is enjoyment and creativity. We intend to broaden the musical and cultural understanding of all pupils, allowing them opportunities to express themselves through musical creation and gain a better understanding of themselves and the wider world around them. We aim to engage and inspire students with predominantly practical lessons, with opportunities to work independently and in pairs or groups.

At key stage 3, it is the intention of the music department to provide a wealth of opportunities for all pupils to experience a range of music from a variety of genres and cultures. We aim to allow pupils to develop skills in performance, by using a wide variety of instruments, creative composing in a range of styles, listening experiences from various musical traditions and acquire the basic theoretical skills required to prepare students to further study in KS4.

Pupils will study a range of different musical styles including classical, world music, video game music, film music, popular music and dance.  We encourage them to compose and perform in a wide variety of these styles.


The intention of the BTEC level 2 first award in music is to give students an introduction to the music industry, through a range of selected specialist units in either music performance or music technology. Pupils will acquire the practical skills and industry knowledge required to further study or gain employment within the music industry. Pupils will be provided with a wide range of vocational opportunities focusing on their preferred specialist units, in order to provide students with realistic industry expectations, as well as developing their practical skills, creativity and theoretical knowledge.

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Ms G. Waters - Lead Practitioner of Creative Arts



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