Business & Finance

Being able to successfully manage finances is one of the most sought after talents in business. No matter where you are in the world, it will make your personal life easier, and make you an attractive prospect in the job market.

Pupils will develop an interest in the economic environment including key economic indicators and factors as well as government interventions. During their time in the department students will utilise and develop key cross-curriculum skills in ICT, Mathematics, team working; and communication including written and verbal presentation.


The Technical Certificate in Finance (TCF) is a vocational qualification which will enable learners to acquire knowledge and skills associated with, and commonly used within, the financial sector. The content of this qualification will cover financial products, finance in business and the financial services sector.

This qualification will focus on developing financial sector-specific knowledge and
relevant technical skills in a practical learning environment and thus will be eligible for
recognition as a technical award. It is also expected that the qualification forms part of a Key Stage 4 learning programme that enables both academic and vocational progression.

Learning Journey

Curriculum Map


Mr M Hughes - Vice Principal


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