Year 7-10 Home Learning Booklets

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Before half term, we received feedback about the work students have been set by staff and how the academy can improve it.  As a result, we are introducing home learning booklets which we aim to produce every half-term going forward. We hope that these booklets will enable students to manage their workload over the coming weeks, support their ability to complete the work and reduce anxiety by ensuring that they have all the information they need in one place.

Staff have been working very hard to produce these detailed booklets for every year group who study their subject. The home learning booklets link to and explain the work that students are set on Show My Homework and hold all the key information that students need to keep on track with their learning. Please go through your child’s booklet with them so that you are all clear about what they’ll be learning, where it can be found and how to get help should they need it.  The home learning booklets hold all the key information students need to keep on track with their learning. Each subject page is split into three or four sections.

·         Overview –a summary of what students will be learning throughout this half term.

·         Resources –information on where students can find the work that teachers set.

·         Tasks –details of the learning activities teachers will be asking students to complete.

·         Assessment – specifics on how students will be assessed and or given feedback by teachers.

Inside, you will also find information about how much work students will be set each night and how to get support should they need it. We hope that our new home learning booklets actively support students and families with their learning and welcome any feedback on how they can be improved further. Please email with any suggestions.






Mrs Buchan

Associate Assistant Head Teacher

Lead Practitioner - Mathematics

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