GCSE Results 2022

Despite the challenges of the last two years, year 11 are celebrating some fantastic GCSE results today with a third of the year group achieving more than expected progress, some by more than 2 grades.

This particular cohort have endured more than most, not only having experienced COVID, lockdowns and online learning, but they have been the victims of turbulence as the academy was in Special Measures when the cohort arrived in year 7 and have endured significant change over the last 5 years. Despite all this, year 11 showed their resilience and determination to succeed with some pupils achieving some outstanding results and all pupils leaving with at least 1 GCSE.

The highest performing subjects were Maths, Art, Health and Social Care, Music and Sport, with Art and Music achieving a 100% pass rate.


Highest achievement students:

The following students were amongst the top performers. 

Head Boy Jozef Urbanowski from Chafford hundred with 4 grade 9s, 1 grade 8, 2 grade 7s and 1 grade 6, off to USP Palmers to do Eng lit, History and Law

Sofia Satkovskaja from Chadwell  with 1 grade 9, 1 Distinction*, 2 grade 8s, 3 grade 7s and 1 grade 6, off to USP Palmers to do Business, Law and English.

Joseph Arowoselu with 1 Distinction, 4 grade 7s, 2 grade 6s, 1 grade 5, off to Barking Abbey

Zain Iman with 1 grade 9, 1 grade 8, 1 grade 7, 2 grade 6s, 3 grade 5s, off to Harris Sixth form.

Lorraine Douglas from Tilbury with 1 grade 9, 1 distinction*, 1 grade 7, 1 grade 6, 1 grade 5 and 1 grade 4, off to Dartford Grammar.

Ella Strange with 1 Distinction*, 1 grade 8, 1 grade 7, 1 grade 6 and 4 grade 5s, off to South Essex College to do Animal Care.

Molly Cuzen with 1 Distinction*, 2 Distinctions, and 5 grade 5s off to Ortu Sixth form to do Psychology, Sport and Exercise Science and the Football Academy.

Jonathan Oboh from Tilbury with 1 Distinction*, 6 grade 6s and 1 grade 5 off to the Ortu sixth Form to do History, Eng lit and Biology.


Highest Progress

Pupils with the highest progress were:

Jonathan Onafuye with +2.28, Zain Iman with +2.18, Jessica Clarke with +1.63, and Yuna Chatterton with +1.36.

32% of the year group made above expected progress; congratulations to them all!


Intended Destinations

Our excellent Careers Leader has ensured that all pupils are leaving us with appropriate intended destinations. As well as those joining the Ortu Sixth Form, we have significant numbers of pupils taking up exciting apprenticeships: for example Tottenham Hotspur, classic cars, golf, Mercedes Benz, dental technicians.

Mrs Sally Feeney, Principal of Hassenbrook Academy said: “Year 11 are a truly resilient cohort, and we are excited about their futures. We are extremely proud of the hard work and effort that they have put in to achieving their results and would of course like to thank pupils, parents and staff for their efforts in the most difficult of circumstances.

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