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Governing Body

Local Governing Body

The Governing Body of Ortu Hassenbrook Academy is accountable in law and the Academy's Articles of Association.  It is responsible for the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards of education within a safe environment.  The aim of the Governors is to use the strengths within the Trust Member Academies to raise achievement for all students and to enhance the role of member schools as resources for the community. We are passionate advocates of the power of partnership working to transform both educational and social outcomes for children for the better. Together, we have the capacity to make a difference and are morally bound to do so.

This is why our model allows member schools the autonomy to lead and manage in a way that preserves their individual identity and responds to specific community needs, while unifying them through:

  • a shared vision and shared objectives and values
  • partnership working in key areas such as leadership, professional development and sharing best practice in pedagogy
  • a relentless focus on an exceptional quality of teaching and learning systemic change and the raising of aspirations and career planning

As with all schools, Ortu Hassenbrook Academy's Governing Body is made up of representatives of the Local Authority, parents, teachers and members of the local community.

The Governors are responsible for the general direction of the school. They take decisions concerning staffing, curriculum, and finance.

The full governing body meet at least once term to discuss the needs and achievements of the school.

Contacting the Governors

The current Clerk to Governors is Ian Buckmaster ( Governors can be contacted through Ian, and the parent governor can be contacted through the school office.


The Governing Body, which normally consists of fourteen members, is currently made up as follows:



Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Federation   12/02/2015 4 years  


I have spent the last 40 years of my life living in Stanford and Corringham, and as a youngster attended Gable Hall School finishing my O Levels in 1981.

On leaving school I managed to obtain an apprenticeship with British Telecom which gave me a grounding in a number of areas. During this time I attended Basildon College and obtained a HNC in Microelectronics.

After a few years they gave me the opportunity to work on large infrastructure projects in the City. I was sponsored to complete a 3 year distance learning degree in Cost Management at Nottingham Trent University, which I was lucky to graduate from in 1999 with a 1st Class Honours Degree.

During this time I had two of my three children and the third shortly followed. They attended a local primary and junior school where my wife, Heather worked as a LSA and continues to work to this day as a MDA.

In 2004 and I became a Governor of Hassenbrook School. The first few years of being a Governor I found quite difficult, being inside an alien environment, with so many new terms, goals and objective to get my head around, especially not coming from an education background. After a couple of years I managed to contribute more particularly in areas of finance, management and HR related matters.

Following an Ofsted visit, the school was placed in special measures which had a significant impact on the school.  We realised  the best way to try and secure a future for Hassenbrook would be by joining the Stanford and Corringham Schools Trust (now Ortu Trust).  We are now 18 months in and although times are still really tough we have a fantastic new HT and continue to work together at local and Trust Board level to address the issues that need to focus on to give our local pupils the education they deserve, which is the absolute best we can deliver.

I will continue to do all I can to support the school and the Trust and hopefully to make a positive impact on some young people’s lives. 



Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Trust CEO       Ex-Officio


Dr Asong joined Gable Hall School as Headteacher in April 2011 after 5 years as Deputy Headteacher and then Acting Headteacher at Forest Gate Community School in Newham, inner London. Holder of a doctorate in Education (Organisational (Systems) Management and School Improvement), her leadership style can best be described is as pacesetter, completer-finisher and shaper. A high achiever with a strong bent for distributed leadership, Dr Asong has since led the school through an early Academy conversion, a good Ofsted, a 5% rise in headline results to 71% 5+A*-CEM (2012), a jump in the school’s national ranking from 31st to 4th percentile (Value Added Best 8 (2012)) and an IIP Gold Award amongst others. She leads an experienced and highly motivated Senior Leadership Team.


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Headteacher       Ex-Officio


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Federation   7/11/2016 4 years Trust Board


Private Charity Fund Manager, City of London 


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Federation   9/07/2015 4 years  


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Federation   1/10/2013 4 years Trust Board


Mr Harman, born in Stanford le Hope, has been a Governor since 2005 and also acts as voluntary School Chaplain to students, providing advice and support to those whose social and domestic situation may be chaotic.  With his colleagues, he offers daily spiritual, moral, social and cultural guidance and counselling to students at risk of fixed term exclusion, alongside the school’s Pastoral Team.  He is also supporting the PSHE Curriculum in specialist community cohesion and diversity related subjects. Mr Harman is Managing Director of his own small specialist printing components distribution and services company and is experienced in the management of companies and financial accountability. This business has a designated policy for charitable distributions for local families hit by economic and social hardships, including the local church where he leads the 24/7 Prayer Stanford Community. 


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Parent   13/11/2013 4 years Elected


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Federation   06/11/2017 4 years Elected


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Parent     25/9/23 Elected


Type Committee Membership Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by
Staff     18/9/21 Elected

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Ms Cuzens thanks Ms Heald for her regular check-ins with Eddy and Molly.
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Paige (7D) would like to thank all her teachers for their help and support at such a tough time. Paige misses them and school life and hopes that she can return later in the year. Regards Mr & Mrs Davis
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3/3 ...have passed to help me in the future. I hope we will have another chance to see each other again! Kind regards, Zaahir
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2/3 quarantine in order to take care of children who have parents working on the frontlines in this pandemic. I cannot thank each teacher individually as every teacher that has taught me has had a large, positive impact in my life and I will use the knowledge that you...
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1/1 To Ms Hale, from Ffion: Thank you for making me come to Hassenbrook Academy you have really changed my Education (In a good way) forever. You are my favourite teacher and the main reason why I came to Hassenbrook. Every time I have your lessons I scream and jump up and down
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