Food is central to all our lives in terms of our health and well-being and as a central part of our family life and many of our social activities. 

Our aim in Food is to educate our pupils with the knowledge to make an informed choice of foods that support a healthy lifestyle.  We want them to have the skills to shop for and cook interesting and nutritional dishes.  We want our pupils to be creative, to experiment with and enjoy choosing their food and it’s method of cooking – whether it is a daily meal for the family, or a treat for a special occasion.  We want our pupils to develop a passion for Food and learn life-long cookery skills.  We also aim to encourage our children to gain the transferable skills to be able to live and work in an ever changing economy through this inspiring, rigorous and practical based subject.


Pupils will work on many different aspects of Food in KS3 covering Basic Skills, Safety and Hygiene, Family Meals, Healthy Eating and the Eatwell Guide, Multi-Cultural Foods, Staple Foods, Seasonal Cookery and Baking.  Lessons are arranged in on a rotation of theory and practical.  Some lessons are theory based and pupils will work on understanding aspects of food and cookery that will help make informed food choices in the future which they will later add the practical elements to.  Pupils will usually be asked to bring their own extra ingredients to the lessons, allowing them to adapt recipes and show their creative flair.  As the school ask for a contribution of money to supply the basic ingredients for all pupils.

Curriculum Maps

Learning Journey


Ms H. Stock - Head of Food

Mrs A. Ellis - Head of Year 8

Miss M. McGuiness - Food Technician

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