Leadership Team & Key Contacts

Senior Leadership Team


  • Mrs S Feeney – Principal
  • Mr A Scott – Vice Principal Pastoral and Inclusion
  • Mr M Hughes – Vice Principal Curriculum, Data and Assessment
  • Mr A Johnson –Assistant Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning
  • Mrs F Knight - Assistant Vice Principal, Behaviour for Learning
  • Mr R Latchford - Assistant Vice Principal, Raising Standards Lead
  • Mrs G Neale - Assistant Vice Principal, Personal Development
  • Mrs C Vamplew – Business Manager
  • Mrs G Waters – Lead Practitioner
  • Mrs C Boosey – Lead Practitioner
  • Mr S Robinson - Lead Practitioner
  • Mr J Gilbertson - Lead Practitioner
  • Mrs S Toman - Lead Practitioner
  • Ms N Gray - Lead Practitioner
  • Ms L Merrigan - Lead Practitioner

 Head of Year

  • Ms L Merrigan Head of Year 7
  • Mrs C Boosey Head of Year 8
  • Ms A Ellis Head of Year 9
  • Miss A Chattaway Head of Year 10
  • Mrs L Taylor Head of Year 11 

Department Leaders:

  • Mrs S Toman English
  • Mr A Panday Mathematics
  • Mrs Y Lau Science
  • Mrs V Sculfor History
  • Mr B Levi  Modern Foreign Languages
  • Ms A Chattaway Drama
  • Ms G Waters Music
  • Mr R Battye PE
  • Mr S Turp Art
  • Mrs C Boosey Health & Social Care
  • Mrs H Stock Food
  • Mr R Adom Computer Science
  • Mr M Hughes Financial & Business Studies

The Form Teachers are supported by the following administrative staff.

  • Mrs A Crawford Attendance Manager
  • Mrs L Lawless Home School Liaison Officer
  • Mrs S Barringer Pastoral Support Manager
  • Mrs M Major Pastoral Support Manager/DSL
  • Mrs C Hooper - Careers Lead
  • Mrs T Lawrence Pastoral Support Manager
  • Miss B Williamson Pastoral Support Manager
  • Miss N Judd Pastoral Manager
  • Ms S Watson Pastoral Support manager
  • Mrs H Mitchell - SENDCo
  • Mr A Conroy Assistant SENDCo
  • Mrs B Whiting SEND Administrator
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