Uniform & PE Kit

The wearing of School Uniform is required as an integral part of school discipline as it is considered that this promotes positive attitudes, good standards and a suitable image in the eyes of the local community.

All pupils are encouraged to be proud of their appearance and of their uniform.

School Uniform is detailed in the handbook issued to parents of new entrants in September, and must be worn to and from school as well as on the premises.

All items of School Uniform should be clearly labelled with name and form.

Ortu Hassenbrook Academy Dress Code

The Academy blazer with badge is compulsory. The wearing of any other form of jacket is not permitted within the Academy.

Shirts to be formal collared, plain white in a traditional style, short or long sleeves, to be tucked into trousers/skirt.

Trousers to be plain grey in a traditional style and NON STRETCHY fabric. No jeans, leggings, skinny fit trousers, tight fitting trousers, tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Jeans are defined as trousers with patch pockets and rivets.

Trousers which gather at the ankle are not considered appropriate.

Trousers should not trail on the floor and should be worn correctly at the waist, not slung low on the hips or buttocks.

Skirts to be knee-length, checked pleated skirt or grey trousers and a NON STRETCHY fabric. Grey plaid-pleated skirt from our academy supplier.  Knee-length means when the student is standing, the knee cannot be seen. 

The skirt is not to be rolled at the waist.


Academy Tie is compulsory. Prefects to wear grey and students dark blue.

Shoes must be black in colour, flat, sturdy, smart (natural or synthetic leather) and worn at all times.  Not trainers and not ankle boots.

Tights are to be plain black opaque, alternatively plain black socks may be worn with no adornments. Socks go up to and not over the knee.

A plain navy blue v-neck jumper or v-neck cardigan may be worn under the Academy blazer (not instead of the blazer) during cold weather. No other item may be worn under or instead of the Academy blazer.

The following items of jewellery may be worn:

One plain gold or silver stud in the lobe of each ear and a watch.

No other items of jewellery or piercings are permitted. No jewellery may be worn during PE lessons.

Please note: A new ear piercing takes approximately six weeks to fully heal and therefore should be carried out at the start of the summer holidays to ensure the studs can be removed during term time. Any piercing and stud that does not conform to Academy rules will have to be removed regardless of when the piercing took place.


Year 7 - 9 no make-up permitted

Year 10 - 11 minimal, discreet make-up only

Students who are deemed to have inappropriate make-up will be expected to remove it.

Eyebrows - natural eyebrows only. No fashion trends.

No artificial nails, eyelashes or coloured nail varnish.

Students’ hairstyles should be neat, tidy and complement the Academy uniform. Extreme styles and colours are not permitted.


PE Kit

Hassenbrook PE Kit is to be worn for all PE lessons. It comprises of:

  • Academy sports polo or tracksuit top
  • Academy shorts
  • Academy tracksuit bottoms, academy leggings
  • Sports socks are compulsory
  • No other sports branded clothing is permitted

Students are encouraged to wear suitable footwear throughout the year in relation to the sporting activity that they are participating in. Sports socks must be worn for trampolining.

Football boots must be worn for outdoor winter sports such as football and rugby. Sports trainers must be worn for indoor sports such as badminton, handball, table tennis.   

During winter months students are encouraged to wear layers underneath their PE kit. No hooded jumpers are permitted during physical education practical lessons.

No jewellery and no acrylic nails are to be worn during practical PE lessons in line with the schools uniform policy.



Uniform Suppliers

UniformWiseUniforms By Niki

Urban Uniform

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