As an employer, if you would like to support our career’s programme, we are always looking for people to provide mock interviews for our year 10 pupils; workshops for year 10 pupils; drop in ‘spotlight on careers’ sessions for those interested.

Plan for the long term by making connections with us today. Students at Hassenbrook Academy will benefit from access to your knowledge, expertise, and support, and you will benefit by cultivating the attitudes and skills you need for the future workforce focusing on local labour market information and future skills gaps.

What is in it for you?

  • You can inspire talented young people to work for you/your sector
  • Make a positive impact whilst raising awareness of your company. You will be giving something back to your local area, while boosting your company’s profile
  • It is great for staff development. Employees who do talks at schools or mentor work placements will grow in confidence and gain a sense of achievement in supporting young people, as well as developing their planning, communication and presentation skills
  • You will get the chance to network and make contacts with other businesses

Ways to get involved:

  • Prepare future employees for the world of work by taking on a leaving student as an apprentice; school outreach is a great way to spot future talent
  • Pass on knowledge of your sector through talks, workshops and workplace visits – all the while raising the profile of your business
  • Offer a work experience placement
  • Help students be “work ready” through activities like mentoring, mock interviews.

We are always looking for local companies who may be able to offer our students an opportunity of ‘work experience’  Give back, get involved and raise your profile! If you can help us in supporting the next generation in any way, please contact our Careers Lead Mrs Hooper on 01375 671566 or via CHooper@Hassenbrook.org.uk

Mock Interview Day 2023 Comments:

“Very well organised event, the school structured everything very well and accommodated to all providers. Really enjoyable”

“A very well organised mock interview day – well done Hassenbrook Academy. Such an important life skill which will benefit the students that took part. Each student I interviewed showed passion, respect and enthusiasm. Very polite students. I would be very proud how they represented Hassenbrook”.

“Was very surprised at the level of confidence the pupils displayed, which I feel is a credit to the school. Really enjoyed talking to each and every pupil and getting their views on their chosen career paths and general interests. Feel this is a very worthwhile experience for everyone”.

“Students were impeccably behaved and presented themselves as the bright sparks of the future. Michelle is fantastic and the activity was organised beautifully”.

“Had a great day, really enjoyable and well organised. The students were really nice and polite and I would like to get more involved with any more future projects”.

“ A very enjoyable experience – the students behaved impeccably and approached their interviews with the intent to do well”.

“A positive day meeting very polite and enthusiastic students all in which had clear goals and were able to take constructive feedback to benefit them in the future”.

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